GREENVILLE, as part of providing an educational service that meets international standards, has applied the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) evaluations since the 2016-2017 school year.  The evaluations are developed by the NWEA.

The Northwest Evaluation Association (or NWEA), is an international educational service organization based in Portland, Oregon, USA.  It has more than 7,800 partner schools in the United States, as well as educational agencies and international schools.  They evaluate students from kindergarten through grade 12 with tests that accurately measure the progress and educational needs of students.

En México únicamente alrededor de 60 colegios utilizan esta herramienta objetiva y oportuna de evaluación de conocimientos. Siendo Greenville International School el único de la región.

The MAP evaluations are applied in English and by computer which is directly connected to NWEA.  MAP evaluates:  Reading, Language Use, Mathematics and Science for students in grades 2 to 12.  Students in Kindergarten and 1st grade are only evaluated in Reading and Mathematics.

The evaluation periods:  a diagnostic test in autumn (September), an intermediate test in winter (February) and a final test in spring (May).  The score for this test is based on the RIT (Rasch Unit) scoring system.  It consists of a fixed scale of intervals and has the same meaning for all students, regardless of grade or age.  The scores obtained over a period of time can be compared to evaluate how much the student has progressed academically, much the same as measuring their height.

The reports issued by MAP indicate the results of each student, the national average and the international average, by grade and by subject.  One of the benefits of the MAP test is that teachers receive immediate results on what the student knows, and what the student is ready to learn.  This allows the teacher to customize their class instruction according to the student’s level.


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